Ease into 10K®

From the creators of Ease into 5K, this app helps you train for the 10K distance.

If you’ve never run before, please consider starting with the Ease into 5K app (easeinto5k.bluefinapps.com) since it is designed for beginners. Ease into 10K® app is for somebody who has done some running and wants to increase their distance to 10K. This app gives you audio prompts every time you need to change from running to walking according to the Ease into 10K® running plan. You can listen to your music and enjoy your workout without constantly looking at your stopwatch.

Ease into 10K® plan in a nutshell

  • Alternates between walking and running
  • Takes 10 weeks to complete
  • Workout 3 days per week
  • Each workout session is from 30-70 minutes long.

If you are training for the 10K this is the app to have!


  • Select your own music and skip tracks without leaving the app!
  • Works with Nike+.**
  • Plays audio alerts when you need to switch from running to walking.
  • Configure additional alerts and settings within the app.
  • Keeps track of the days you’ve completed.
  • Share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter right from the app.

** This feature requires iPhone 3.0 update

Each workout includes a 5 minute warmup walk and 5 minute cooldown walk
Week 1 Duration: 29 min.
Run 3 min/walk 1 min Repeat x 5.
Week 2 Duration: 34 min.
Run 4 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 5.
Week 3 Duration: 39 min.
Run 5 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 5.
Week 4 Duration: 45 min.
Run 8 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 4.
Week 5 Duration: 49 min.
Run 9 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 4.
Week 6 Duration: 53 min.
Run 10 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 4.
Week 7 Duration: 57 min.
Run 15 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 3.
Week 8 Duration: 63 min.
Run 17 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 3.
Week 9 Duration: 66 min.
Run 18 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 3.
Week 10 Day 1: Duration: 55 min.
Run 22 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 2.
Day 2: Duration: 61 min.
Run 25 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 2.
Day 3: Duration: 71 min.
Run 30 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 2.

Copyright 2010 – 2012 Bluefin Software, LLC

Purchase this app directly at: http://bit.ly/cpZ7jR for $2.99

For questions regarding this app please fill out this form below. Thank you!

101 responses to “Ease into 10K®

  1. Hi,

    A couple of years ago I went from hating running to completing the Mad Monk obstacle 10k run. This was purely down to your C25K and B210K apps, which I completed on my iPhone (thanks).

    Want to run again so downloaded the Ease into 10k android app with GPS.
    Motorola RAZR I. Jelly bean.

    All OK, but the journal results look very odd.
    My last few runs (Week 3) show the flowing in journal under “Pace km”:

    Run 10:01 Walk 03:13 Avg 05:08
    Run 20:56 Walk 03:29 Avg 06:06
    Run 10:36 Walk 04:37 Avg 06:18

    Do you know what’s going on? It looks like my walks are faster than my runs?

  2. Just purchased EI10K for Android on Galaxy S5. Where are settings? I can’t change anything. After my first day, the date in the journal showed 1970? Then the first day info disappeared! Had no such issues on iOS. Also, I did have to purchase GPS.

    • Hi DJ,

      The Galaxy S5 changed their settings location. So tap and hold on the Recent apps button (the button on the left of the Home button). The menu will appear. We are releasing a new update for our Android versions soon that will address these issues. Thank you.

  3. I started using Ease into 10k after completing Ease into 5k. Everytime I start the program it doesnt play my music playlist correct. It sets it into shuffle mode. When I go back to Ease into 5k, that program plays my music correctly. Do you know what the problem is or how to fix it? Thank you!

  4. Hello, love the App but I seem to have a problem with the volume. I’m using my own playlist with the App which is great but for some reason I can’t hear the 10k app very well. I’ve tried to turn the volume up to full on the 10k App but still really quiet when I’m running, can you help?

    • Hi Sharon,

      The alert volume is related to the systems music volume, so if you can’t hear the alerts try increasing your music volume a bit and turn the alert volume in the app all the way up.

  5. I currently have Ease into 5k BUT my friend has convinced me to run a 10k, i haven’t completed the 5k yet but want to download the 10k program since my run is actually exactly 10 weeks away. Perfect timing! I’m wondering if i will have to re-purchase the GPS portion of the app or if it will automatically connect with my new Ease in 10k app?

    • HI Erin,

      The GPS is now free on all our apps. You won’t need to purchase it again. Great question and have fun during your training! 10K’s are the best.

  6. Hi, very happy with this app. But is there a way of seeing your splits? I have a fastest km of 5.40 but I don’t know which run it relates to. If not are there any plans to see a breakdown of the run per km? as geeky as it sounds I know I run better to certain songs and if I could match them up using the app that would be good 🙂

  7. Do you have plans to add support for Podcasts, now that they’ve been moved out of Music into their own app? Not only is it more convenient to listen in the app, but switching in and out tends to crash the app. 😦

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your question. The best way to listen to podcasts while working out with our apps is to change the Music screen to use the in-app playlist instead of the Music app’s external playlists. To do that go to the Settings tap in our app, select Music and choose “Create in-App Playlist”.

      Then when you go to the Music screen, tap on the “+” button that is at the top left corner of the screen and you will be able to add your podcasts to the in-app playlist by tapping on the “More” tab in the track selection window and choosing Podcasts from the list.

      This method works with iOS 6 and earlier and with the new Podcasts app.

  8. Do you have plans to add support for podcasts, now that Apple moved them out of Music into their own app? It’s sad not to be able to listen within your app now, not to mention that it tends to crash if you go in and out of it a lot. 😦

  9. I’m having the same issue with the 10k app.

  10. I am having an issue with the ease 2 5k app. It will post on my facebook wall but ONLY on the wall. It does not show up in the newsfeed at all and this is disheartening to me as my support team has to go to my profile page to view my run reports and a lot of time they miss my reports because it does not show up on the newsfeed. The support I receive from my friends and family is very important to me. Please let me know how or if I can fix this.

  11. Hi, wondering if you can help me. This is the second time of doing the C25K (I broke my lower back after the first one). I’m now on Week 8 run 2. I have got the 10K app which has both the Ease into 10K and the Bridge to 10K. When I have completed the C25K plan I intend on running the 5K for a while until I feel completely at ease with it. After that I intend on going for the 10K. Which app should I do? Should I do the ‘Ease into 10K’ or the ‘Bridge to 10K’? I’m thinking that because I would have been running 5K for some time I should do the Bridge to 10K but I’m not sure if that is the right thing to do. Advice please.

    • Thanks for posting this question and great job on giving the 5K another go. Since you already have Ease into 10K I would suggest you continue your training for a 10K with that app. You can advance to the week/day that will work for you and then start from there.

  12. Is there any way to go to an “Ease to 10k” after doing your “Ease to 5k” app without having to start from scratch?

    • Hi Betsy,

      Yes, you can start the Ease into 5K from anywhere with in the app. Just scroll the bottom day/week to the desired workout and start from there.

  13. I just started this app. I completed c25k last year. I use the Facebook feature as a motivational tool. Is there a way to turn off the setting that emails all my fb friends? I want to post to my news feeds and my wall but I don’t want all my fb friends receiving an additional “I would like to share this app” email every time I post my runs. Is there a way to turn that off?

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for writing. If you are using iOS to run your app you can turn off the automatic post to FB and twitter in the settings of the app.

  14. fluffywelshsheep

    sorry i think i have sortted it out myself it just very confusing it reads are run 1 of 5 ,2 of 5, 3 of 5, 4 of 5, 5 of 5 but it say walk 1 of 4, 2 of 4 , 3 of 4, 4 of 4 , it just confusing if you glances down when your running/walking and see different end numbers

  15. hiya am just wondering if anyone had notice this, It just niggles me nothing major, The number of the run/walk is out in week 1 of the e210k it switches between 4 and 5 as the total number eg it jumps from 1 of 4 or 2 of4 then changes to 3 of 5 etc.

    • Thanks for writing. Is it possible that you are pressing the arrows on the right side of the screen to advance the workout while you are working out? This could be causing the app to jump around between intervals during your workout. If this is not the case please email me at support@runhelper.com and we can see further what might be causing the problem.

  16. A friend recommended this app for me. I’m using Google music for my songs. Do you know if I can use the Google app for my music with the Ease into 10K app?

    • Hi Betty,

      Thanks for writing. You can play the Google Music app with Ease into 10K app. Just start the music first and then open the Ease into 10k app and you will be on your way!

  17. Love the apps. However, can you please correct the spelling in the alert “last run coming up”? Currently it reads “comming” not coming as it should be spelt. This is a problem in both EI5K and E10k. Thanks!

  18. Is there a podcast available for Ease into 5k?

  19. Does the app use any cellular data if I enable the gps feature e.g. by loading maps?

    • Hi Sonja,

      Thank you for writing. The GPS uses some cellular data to give you a more accurate distance and pace. IF you do not want the app to use the cellular data you can disable the cellular data in your Settings app on the iPhone. Tap on the app, Settings. Then tap on General. Tap on Network and there you can turn the Cellular Data to off. If you choose to do this your distance and pace may not be as accurate, but the app will still work.

  20. Thank you Tanya…I wasn’t sure I could hear my instructions with the music! It is working great..and I’m feeling great! Thank you!

  21. I’m so excited about this ap! Quick question..I use Pandora on my android..was wondering how I go about syncing the music to the EI10K ap so I can listen while I run.

  22. That link at the top of the page doesn’t work. The one in this sentence: If you’ve never run before, please consider starting with the Ease into 5K app (www.easeinto5k.bluefinapps.com) since it is designed for beginners.

  23. HI. I’ve been using the ap quite successfully. But recently (last month or so) I’m unable to “access” the ap. When i try to open, it stalls, & then goes back to my screen phone ( iphone) What changed when you guys updated it in early December. Please fix…Thanks!

  24. This is such a great app to get me going from light running to a 10K. I completed my first run yesterday, and as “Jim” was saying my run was completed… It shut off! I lost all of my data (I bought the GPS add on) such as my average run and walk times, distance and that I have completed the run. Such a HUGE bummer and now a waste of my money.

    • Hi Lauren,

      So sorry about the issue you have experienced with the app. An update that fixes this issue has just been approved and is available for download on the App Store. To update the app please open the App Store app then select the Updates tab.

  25. Love this app, I used C25K and that is great too. I do have a question, I recently purchased an Android phone and have added the EI10K app, which is working well. Is there a way to track not only the length of time I have run but the distance covered in that time? I would also like to be able to post my time/distance at the end of my run to facebook. Any ideas that may help?

    • Thanks for writing. We are actively working on bringing the GPS feature to our Android apps. It shouldn’t be long now. We are testing and working out any kinks. Thanks for your patience.

  26. Hi,
    Love this app. I have 1 comment and 2 questions.
    Comment: I really like that the C25K has a 1/2 hour and 45 min run at the end. Q1: Can you add in something similar for the E10K app?
    Q2: How is the calories burned calculated? Is it based off the amount of time spent running and time walking? Or is it distance and pace?

    • Hi Lyn,

      Thanks for commenting and for these great questions. The calories are calculated by using the distance and your current weight. If you have GPS enabled it factors in the pace as well, but is not required.
      We can definitely look into adding the extra features of the 45min run or longer into E10K. Thanks for the suggestion.

  27. Im at week 4, day 1 and my last walk was 3 minutes and my last run was only 5 minutes instead of 8…is that right?

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thank you so much for writing. You should have ran for 8 minutes 4 times and walked only 1 minute in between each running segment. If you haven’t done so already please restart your iPhone. If you are experiencing any more issues with the timing and intervals please contact me through support and we can workout any additional issues.

  28. Can I use this on my droid now or only on ipod ipad or iphone

  29. I’m planning on running a 15K. I’ve been using the Ease into 10K app (which I love), but I’m wondering if you had suggestions for how to use the app to increase to 15K. Would you just have it run an extra run/walk cycle per run?

    • Hi Lyn,

      Thanks for writing. If you enabled the GPS feature you can track your distance and do a continuous run with a distance of your own choice and gradually increase to a 15K.. I would recommend adding a 10% increase to your distance per run to get you to the 15K distance. Good luck!

  30. How are the pace times determined? I ask because they are vastly different than those from my Garmin

  31. Hi friends,
    From Spain….Nice app ! For European people… can we personalize goals in metric system?
    Thks !


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  33. I have a question…I finished the C25K program a few weeks ago, and I’ve been running 3+ miles 3 times a week. When I start this 10k program, do I really just run 3 minutes and walk 1 (x5) to start out? It seems I’d be going backward with my training. I could be way off…just seems like I could start at week 4 and be fine. Thanks for any input! :o)

  34. The EI10K app is great; it has really helped me get back into running after a long winter. I do have one question though — in the settings under goals, is this updated by the app each week or does the user set them?
    Thanks for the great tool!

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for writing. The goals are set by you, they do not update by themselves. You can set your goals and then see your progress on the graphs. You can find the graphs in journal tab. In the left upper hand corner of the screen tap on the icon and you will be able to scroll through each of your goals on the graph.

  35. Love this program! I started running with C25K and recommend it to ALL my clients that want to start running (even today lol) and now I have 5 races under my belt and started to train with E210K and love it just as much!

  36. I love this app! I’ve been able to cut my running pace by 2 minutes in only 4 weeks! I hadn’t had any problems with it until today when it told me that during my 39 minute run I went 9.6 miles with a 2.00 min/mi walk pace and a 9:33 min/mi run pace. Obviously, this is impossible. Any idea what may have gone wrong? I looked at the GPS map afterward and it was a little bit off, but overall pretty accurate reflection of my route. I did pause the app in order to cross a really busy street but other than that I didn’t do anything differently than normal.

  37. Hi there,
    I just purchased to Ease to 10K APP.
    I was curious to know if I should stick to the same 3 days a week for training or if I should change it up? Your feedback is much appreicated.


    • Hi Jen,

      Glad you love our app! It’s really app to you. I think it might help a little to establish a routine running the same days every week. But as long as you go out for a run three times a week you should be good.

  38. Thank you C25K. Your apps(C25k, Bridge to 10k & Boot Camp) have inspired me. I will be running my 1st 1/2 marathon in 3 weeks and did my longest (run/fast walk) yesterday 13.1 miles. I never would have achieved it if I hadn’t first tricked myself in to running with C25K. I can’t wait to see your 1/2 and full marathon apps. Have you considers a sprint triathlon app? Thanks for all you do.

    • Kai,

      This is fantastic! Thanks for writing I am so happy that our apps have inspired you to becoming a runner. Good luck on your 1/2 marathon. Where will you be running?

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  40. For those of that don’t have an iTouch or iPhone, and would like to continue using the podcasts as in C25k, are there podcasts available for the Ease Into 5k? An app won’t work for me on my iPod.

    • Hi Di,

      Thanks for writing. We do not have a podcast for Ease into 10K and I couldn’t find any on the web. We are planning to have them available on podcasts, but can’t give you a specific time. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the reply, Tanya. Maybe this is my clue to get the iTouch I’ve been eyeballing for so long.

  41. Sometimes when I send my up-date to Facebook to publish it fails. Facebook is working but the data doesn’t go— is there a way to go back & try again?

    • Hi Sharon,

      You can publish again by reentering your journal screen, tapping on the day you wish to publish, and then tap on share it will try to post again.
      If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me at support@runhelper.com

  42. Is there a way to publish time and distance to Facebook? That helps keep me motivated to improve.

  43. I purchased this app a few weeks ago and now it will not open. A screen displays forced closed even though it has not opened.

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  45. Love, love, love this app! It works just like it says- you can listen to your own itunes favorites and forward if you want to skip a song and tracks your progress. But the best feature is this program REALLY works! Trust me, anyone can use the program to begin running or to do your first 10K. I am 42, overweight and I am able to do this program. I did repeat one week because I just wasn’t ready to move on- but who cares? I am running!

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  48. I have completed the C25K program, which I LOVE! I purchased the Ease into 10K program because the 10 week program allows to work on increasing my speed as well as my endurance. I look forward to your 1/2 marathon training app! I have told all my friends and family that your apps are THE best way to get in shape. To date, I’ve lost 30 pounds! Now if I could get a t-shirt…lol

    • Hi Traci,

      Thank you for your feedback. Looks like you have made some changes in your lifestyle that we are so happy about. Thank you for telling your friends and family about our app we really appreciate it!

  49. Thanks very much for this app previously i bought a metronome and overlayed the pacing beeps over certain songs but always had problems with volume issues etc and couldn’t be bothered with the hassles in the end. Although i was happy enough with my progress i am too impatient with everything. I really like the halfway announcement enabling me to do out and backs without having to map out where to go.

    Keep up the outstanding work.

    • Jack,

      Thanks for writing. I am happy that you are having better progress while using our app. We plan on continual making the app better and better.

  50. I take it, this is only good for iphone, ipod touch users? 😦

    I just have a nano, but this program looks like it’s just want I’ve been looking for.

    • Hi Sonya,

      Thanks for writing. The app is currently only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, you can google C25K podcasts and download them for free unto your Nano. Good luck and have fun!

  51. I’ve never been a runner and always wanted to be. C25K has me out and at least has my heart pumping! Just finished week 2 day 3. I had prayed for motivation to exercise. I never thought Jesus would answer my prayers through an iPhone app! That’s just how good God is, isn’t it? Very cool.

  52. Thanks for the C25K. This app helped to give me the confidence to get out and run. Coming up to the last week, I now absolutely love running and am looking forward to getting started on the 10k app!
    Thank you!

    • I am so excited that you made it and that you “love” running. Keep up the good work. Have you decided which 10K you want to try?

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