Ease into 5K

Ease into 5K is a beginner’s running plan created by Alex & Tanya at Bluefin Software, LLC. This new training plan brings a new approach to training, more geared towards the needs of beginning runners and designed to provide lots of insights and motivation along the way.

What is great about this running plan is that it is designed for people who are just taking up running. One of the main problems beginner runners face is that starting up is not necessarily easy. Most people give up rather quickly because of body aches, busy schedules. and lack of commitment and so it becomes a burden to go out and run. The Ease into 5K plan addresses this by easing you into running, short workouts, and motivational support online through social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and Bluefin Software’s blog.

Ease into 5K plan in a nutshell:

  • You alternate between walking and running until you build strength
  • It is an 8 week long plan
  • You workout 3 times a week, ideally with breaks between days.
  • Each workout session is from 30-40 minutes long (including a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down)

For example, the first week you start by running 60 second intervals. That’s it. Anybody can do that.

The second week you increase the running and walking  intervals to 90 seconds, and so on until at week 8 you are able to run for 30 minutes straight. Roughly a 5K.

So, if you are thinking about taking up running, the Ease into 5K  plan and its companion app is the best way to go!

Download the Ease into 5K app from Apple App Store or Android Market for only $2.99

Free Download: Try Ease to 5K for iPhone/iPod touch – all the features – first 4 workouts.

Ease into 5K for iPhone / iPod touch

Ease into 5K for Android

Don’t have a smartphone? Download the Free Podcast to any MP3 player. Awesome running music included.

The Ease into 5K Training Plan
Week 1
Total Workout Time: 31 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Follow with 9 sets of the following intervals:
  • Run 60 seconds
  • Walk 90 seconds
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 2
Total Time: 36 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Then do 5 sets of the following intervals:
  • Run 60 seconds
  • Walk 90 seconds
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Walk 90 seconds
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 3
Total Workout: 27:00 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Then do 2 sets of the following
  • Run 3 minutes
  • Walk 2 minutes
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Walk 2 minutes
  • Run 3 minutes
  • Walk 1 minute
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 4
Workout Time: 31:00 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Then do the following:
  • Run 4 minutes
  • Walk 2 minutes
  • Run 6 minutes
  • Walk 3 minute
  • Run 4 minutes
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 5 — Day 1
Workout Time: 34:00 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Then do the following:
  • Run 5 minutes
  • Walk 2 minutes
  • Run 4 minutes
  • Walk 2 minutes
  • Run 5 minutes
  • Walk 2 minutes
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 5 — Day 2
Workout Time: 28 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Then do the following.
  • Run 6 minutes
  • Walk 1 minutes
  • Run 4 minutes
  • Walk 1 minute
  • Run 6 minutes
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 5 — Day 3
Workout Time: 33 minutes

Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Then do the following.

  • Run 7 minutes
  • Walk 2 minutes
  • Run 5 minutes
  • Walk 2 minute
  • Run 7 minutes

Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.

Week 6 — Day 1
Workout Time: 29 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Then do the following:
  • Run 8 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Run 8 minutes

Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.

Week 6 — Day 2
Workout Time: 33 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Then do the following:
  • Run 10 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Run 10 minutes
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 6 — Day 3
Workout Time: 38:00 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk, then run for 20 minutes straight.
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 7 — Day 1
Workout Time: 38:00 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Then do one set of the following.
  • Run 20 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Run 5 minutes
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 7 — Day 2
Workout Time: 36:00 minutes
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk.
  • Run 26 minutes
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 7 — Day 3
Workout time: 37:00
Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk.
  • Run 27 minutes
Cool down with 5 minute walk
Week 8 — Day 1
Workout Time: 38:00 minutes

Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk.

  • Run 28 minutes

Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.

Week 8 — Days 2
Workout Time: 39:00 minutes

Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk.

  • Run 29 minutes
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Week 8 — Day 3
Workout Time: 40:00 minutes

Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk.

  • Run 30 minutes
Cool-down with a 5 minute walk.
Copyright (c) 2011 – 2012 Bluefin Software, LLC

For questions regarding this app please fill out this form below. Thank you!

210 responses to “Ease into 5K

  1. HI,

    I have been doing this workout for 3 weeks. I started on the treadmill, and the first two weeks went without a hitch. However, Week 3 is posing a challenge. One of the things I loved about the app when I used it in the past, running outside, was the fact that it eliminated the clock-watching element of training without the audio cues. However, running on the treadmill, needing to use the awkward controls, brings back the clock-watching time, and too much awareness of how long the interval is.

    Anyway, the time-based cues are predicated on the runner’s ability to sustain a pace of 6MPH, or a 10-minute mile. This is easy to determine on a treadmill, but not outside.

    Is there a way to engage the GPS and have the app give me the cues to switch between running and walking based on speed, rather than on time?

    • Carolina,

      The app does give audio feedback as quickly as every minute if you need. You can also double tap the screen at any time to get your stats. The app does not however, give you a pace driven plan. This is a very good question and one I will look into further. If you are wanting to run faster outside I would suggest shorter runs that push your running limit. You can scroll to the end of the app and choose a distance run. Run a mile where you don’t hold back at all. I would also suggest some weight training to go along with your running. Running is great for cardio, but not as much for muscle strength. Hope this was helpful. Good luck with your running!

      • My problem is that I’m more likely to complete the program and have it be “Couch to 3.5K” if I am only cued by time. The program is predicated on the runner being able to sustain a 6MPH pace for a full 30 minutes. I can assure you that a large number of non-runners can NOT even attain this pace, much less sustain it. So, distance-based cues make sense if the goal is to cover a specific distance.

        And, I have been lifting weights regularly since July. I actually started running as a way to complement my strength-training program.

  2. I love this app! It has helped me run further and easier than I have in years. I have ot downloaded on an ipod touch and the gps/pace is very inaccurate. It will tell me I’ve gone 1.5 miles when in reality I’ve only gone .5 miles. How can I fix this? Thanks!

  3. I am using the app on an android. I am struggling to make changes with the distance after completing a workout, as I usually completely my runs on a treadmill. I didn’t have this problem on the apple version. Is there a fix or something different for me to try?

  4. Is there a way to exclude the warm up and cool down from the pace time? When the walk portion is averaged into the run portion there is no way to know the exact pace per mile for my runs. Thanks!

    • Hi Maisey,

      Sorry it took me soooooo long to get back to your question. Currently there is no way to exclude the warm up and cool down from the final pace time. We are looking into adding a feature to just include the workout portion into the pace time.

  5. Subhangkar Banik

    How to use nike+ running app with your app in iphone 5

    • 1) Start Nike+ app and start the workout (select None for the workout music) and press play
      2) Press the “home” hardware button on your iPhone or iPod touch
      3) Start the Ease into 5K app, add music, choose the workout day, and slide to start the

      Hope this helps and please let me know if you have further questions.

  6. Hi! Today I bought your program to “ease into 5k” .The test noticed, that does not work area map. It should work? Android OS from google maps

  7. Had surgery on my legs about three months ago, once doctor game me greenlight to start running I searched for a program that would get me back to running. I just completed W8/D2 and I have not had any problems with injuries or burn out…looking forward to continued running.

    • Kevin,

      This is great news, and thanks for taking the time to tell us! I am so happy you got back into running using our Ease into 5K app. Keep up the good work!

  8. Shane Pekrul

    Hi Guys,

    So excited. I just finished W6D2. I’ve never run 10 minutes in a row before. Easier than I though. I did notice a few bugs in W6. On W6D1 it says to run 8 minutes, walk, run 3 minutes, walk, run 8 minutes. But the prompts ignored the 3 minute run. Same goes for W6D2. I’m sure you know of this but I thought I’d pass it on. Oh, and thanks for the free run keeper. It will be invaluable to continue my runs after the program is done (mind you I think I’ll be buying bridge to 10K shortly after.

    • Shane,

      Thanks for writing. I will look into the W6D2 issue you experienced and make sure there is no bug before we release our next update. You are welcome for the free RunHelper app. We have a paid version of RunHelper called RunHelper Plus also coming shortly to the App Store.
      Thanks again for your feedback.

  9. I am unable to get my stats to post to Facebook. Under the setting’s portion of the menu I do not have a social media option. I am using the android version.

    • Hi Jan,

      You can post your stats to FB from the Journal tab. Select the Journal and then tap on Share. You can choose to post to FB and/or Twitter from the Journal screen.

  10. Hi,

    Great app! Love the progress I’m making! Lately, my voice alerts have been doubling up even though I’m running only one workout. It’s as if there’s a second workout running in the background. After I pause my workout, I still hear alerts from this phantom workout in the background. Tried deleting the current workout an starting over and also closing out the app, to no avail. I’m running the app with an iPhone 4S. Any ideas for fixes?

    • Hi Yvonne,

      I’m so sorry to hear you are having issues with voice alerts. The only fix for that that I know of is to reinstall the app on your iPhone. We don’t want you to lose your data so prior to reinstalling sign up for the free RunHelper Connect service by tapping on the connect button on the bottom of your app screen. Create a username and password. Then go to your journal and tap on the arrow button in the top right hand corner. Select to Backup All your workouts. You may also want to create a backup in your iTunes just in case.
      Now you can delete the app and reinstall it on your device. To get your journal entries back go to Journal tap on the arrow icon again and now choose to restore your workouts.
      Please let me know if this helped the issue.
      Thanks again for using Bluefin Software.

  11. I have been using the Ease into 5K app for about a year now and like it. I am trying to reset the app since one time I forgot to stop the workout before I drove home so I now have a fastest mile speed of 2.19 min so I just want to get back to a real baseline. How can I reset this?

    • Hi Dan,

      I’m so sorry for the late reply. You can do one of two things. You can go to your journal entry where you accidentally logged the quickest run 🙂 and either delete the entry by swiping your finger over it, or you can edit it in the journal screen by tapping on the number fields.
      If you want to completely resist your training plan back to the beginning you can reset the whole app under the settings tab. Tap on Settings and then scroll to the bottom. There is a Reset progress button. You’ll start back at the beginning of the training plan. Your journal will still remain, so you might still have the fastest run still in your list.
      Good luck and thanks for the great question.

  12. I purchased the android app, and the week 1 doesnt match this plan or the ipod apps plan?

  13. Love this app I think I might just make it to 5k after years of talking about it. Had used the free app for first 4 days downloaded the full app then for week 2 day 2 I have a quick question I was able to get all my details across from free version can I now delete free version without losing data on full version as the free version keeps sending me alerts to do week 2 day 2 when I have already finished week 2 day 3? One more question is there a way of recording your distance when using treadmill? Prefer the park but it was really icy on week 2 day 2 didn’t want to risk falling so went to gym instead and walk/run on treadmill?

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Sorry for the late reply. You can delete the free version of Ease into 5K, it will not erase the workouts you’ve installed and created on the paid version.
      You can also input treadmill data in the journal screen. Before a workout you can turn the GPS off by taping on the circle next to the word GPS and turn it off. Then after your workout is complete go to the journal and tap in the boxes to input your data from the treadmill. When you tap on the calculators you can use the speed from the treadmill to give you your min/mile pace.
      Thanks for your questions and good luck.

  14. I just purchased Ease into 5k for my iphone and when I try to open the app on my phone it says launching app store and doesn’t open it. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling but it doesn’t work. I also downloaded the free trial Ease into 5k and that opens and works. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Kim,

      The free app and paid apps icons are similar, so it could be that you are opening the Ease into 5K Free app. Look for the Ease into 5K icon on your phone that doesn’t have the “Free” ribbon in the top right corner.

  15. It seems to me that week 3 is missing a set. I think it should be 3 sets instead of 2. With the new changes you are running 9 minutes total each workout the first week, and 12.5 minutes total each workout the second week. Then on week 3 you only run for a total of 9 minutes each workout, but if you add a set you go up to 13.5 minutes of run time each workout. Week 4 has you doing 14 minutes of run time each workout, so if you add the extra set in week 3 the progression makes sense.

    • Hi Mac,

      I have looked into this and see that we have made a mistake. We will correct this change in the up-coming update. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

      • WHen will this update be? i am coming up on week 3, and was hoping for the change. Thanks.

    • I just did Week 3 Day 1’s workout this morning and it still isn’t updated. Is there an ETA on this for the iPhone?

    • Any idea when the 3rd set is going to be updated?? I am on the 3rd week and didn’t think there was enough “run” time and sure enough there isn’t. I was worried going from a 3 min run to a 6 min run and thought that it would be a struggle. I really rely on the prompts so that I don’t focus/stress over how much run time I have left.

  16. I’m having a problem. For some reason all of a sudden very time the app posts to my FB page it does it in “only me” and no one else can see it. I have been having to go into FB everytime and change it. Why?

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Could you please check the privacy settings on the Facebook website by doing the following:
      – Login to your Facebook account on your computer
      – In the top right corner of the page click on the “gear” icon and select “Privacy Settings”
      – In the left bar click on the “Apps” link
      – Find the “Bluefin Software, LLC” app in the list and click on the “Edit” button next to it
      – Check which option is selected for “Posts on your behalf” setting, and change it to “Friends”

  17. I just used E25K yesterday for the first time on my iPhone 5 with iOS 6, and it seems alerts are not working the same way as they were on my 3GS with 5.1.1. On the old phone, I had the Notifications for the app set to Sounds only – no badges and nothing on lock screen, and it worked perfectly. I carry my phone in my shorts pocket with the volume turned up to hear the prompts, and it’s always worked great. However now the only way I can hear the prompt with the screen locked is if I turn on View In Lock Screen so that the screen turns on at every prompt. Also any ETA on iPhone 5 screen support?

    Another thing is that it looks like Week 1 has changed to simply 9 repeats of run 60s and walk 90s. I can tell you that when I first started, running 60 seconds was most definitely out of the question, let alone doing it 9 times. IMHO the 30/45/60s intervals are better for those just starting out who have never been runners before.

    • Hi Patrick,

      We didn’t change anything with how Notifications work in this update. The way that Apple’s documentation describes the Notifications is that the sound will only play if the notification message is displayed. I’m not sure why it worked on your phone without the message being displayed before. Did you perhaps update the iOS on the phone?

      Adding support for the iPhone 5 will require us to drop support for some of the older devices. We wanted to release another update for everyone so that’s why we didn’t add iPhone 5 support in this release. But I believe we are now ready to add support for iPhone 5 in the next release.

      We tweaked the training plan based on the feedback we have received. We’ve heard from customers that the 30 second intervals were to short. Especially for those who run on the treadmill, switching treadmill speeds every 30/45 seconds was sub optimal.

  18. I love this app and never liked and or ran my whole life (week 7 day 2 tomorrow). Is there a way to have the warmup and cool down excluded from your pace times and overall distance? Also doing bootcamp app on off run days! Thanks for the great apps

    • Hi Brian,

      I am so glad you are using our apps and that you are about done with Ease into 5K. Great job on sticking with it! I hope Bootcamp is just as helpful in improving your core and strength. We are looking into excluding warm up and cool down from the pace times and distance. It is not available as of yet.

      • That sounds like a great idea. Although perhaps a separate field showing the overall distance including the warmup and cool down would be nice so I can see the total distance I covered during the workout. But then the distance covered during the actual walk/run portion would be great to see, also.

        Also it took me nearly a YEAR but I finally completed the 30 minute run last month. I’ve been doing 30 minute runs since then and will likely try a 45 minute run sometime soon.

      • I agree, both options would be best to have. We will look into that as we feel it is important as well. I personally like to see just how much I ran too.
        Remember, it doesn’t matter how long it took you to get to a 30 minute run. You are there now and that’s all that matters. BRAVO!

  19. Does anyone know how to get to the screen that tells you your pace, the distance you ran and how many calories you burned? I am only able to access the main screen where you select the week/day and the “live screen” that tracks your time. I have a Samsung Epic w/ Sprint.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for writing your question. To get to the journal screen tap on your menu button on your phone. You will then see all the additional features of the app.

  20. Ginell Pickrell

    I will be needing to turn in my iphone when I leave my company. I have an iTouch that has the program on it. However all my records are on my work phone. Is it possible to move that data to my personal iTouch? Please help.

    • Hi Ginell,

      Thanks for your question. You can move the data to a different device with our new RunHelper Connect service.
      -Sign up for a 30-day free trial here: http://www.runhelper.com/free-trial
      -Sign in with your user name and password on your iPhone. Go to the Settings tab, and select RunHelper Connect
      -Tap on the Journal tab and backup all your workout history

      Now go to your iPod touch
      -Sign in with RunHelper Connect in the Settings tab
      -Tap on the Journal tab, then tap on the arrow button in the top-right hand corner and select “Restore Workouts”
      – Select all workouts and then tap on the “Restore” button

      With RunHelper Connect all your workouts are automatically backed up and stored in the cloud.

  21. Have you guys thought about incorporating a web forum into your site? Might be easier for people to get/receive/share help and ideas than just posting comments to a blog post.

  22. Yes. I restored the new phone to original settings and then when I synced to iTunes all of the data transferred. I was so relieved!

  23. I have just upgraded to the iphone 5. I restored all of my apps to my new phone but the data for ease into 5k did not transfer. Is there anyway for it to be added to my new phone?

  24. Hi – I love your app – its taken me (aged 43) from not being a runner to running 5k three times a week and wanting to do more. But I have a problem with the music – I’ve had not problems up until the last week but now the playlist will stop after about 15 minutes.. I’m on an iphone 4, ios 5.1 (won’t be upgrading to ios 6 until maps is sorted….) Any solutions please?

    • Hi Nicki,

      If you restarted your phone recently and that didn’t help with the music pausing, you may need to re-create your playlist. Please do the following:
      – Start the app and tap on the Music tab
      – Tap on the Trashcan icon at the top corner and confirm you wish to delete all tracks or clear the selected playlist
      – Restart your iPhone
      – Start the app and tap on the Music tab
      – Tap on the playlist to select it again (or tap on the plus button to add songs to the in-app playlist)

      That should solve the problem.

  25. Arghh. How much do I hate this app RIGHT THIS MINUTE…incoming phone call kicked me out of the program and none of the data was saved on my very first day. How can I fix this? Android app; HTC Sensation: ICS.

  26. I’m trying to download this app on my galaxy s3; however, when I hit purchase, I just get a blank screen. Any help?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Looks like an issue with Google Play. Please try restarting your phone and try to download the app again.

  27. I’m entering week 8 of ease into 5k and the app has been a great way to get into running for someone who has never run before. My problem is that my last couple runs the voice prompts have failed to let me know when to start / end or halfway done. I find this distracting because I now have to hold the phone in my hand to check. Can I delete and re download the app without losing my data / progress or GPS ?

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment. Deleting the app will erase the history and progress.

      Could you please check if the Notifications are enabled for the Ease into 5K app:

      – Start the Settings app
      – Select the Notifications (at the fist panel, just under the Wi-Fi)
      – Scroll down the list of apps and select Ease into 5K app
      – Make sure the Notifications are turned on and look similar to this screenshot:

      – Scroll down the list and turn ON Badge App Icon, Sound, and View in Lock Screen

      If you place the app in the background or lock the screen while you workout this is very likely the reason why you can’t hear alerts. Also, make sure the phone is not on mute as that will prevent the alerts from playing while the phone is in the background or the screen is locked.

      • Thank you Alex. That was it. I guess when I uploaded Ios6 it changed my settings. Again, thanks..ran my 1st 5k in almost 20 yrs this morning. Love the app ..would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  28. I am training for a half marathon and have loved using your app since the beginning! I just upgraded to the iPhone 5 and I have to reinstall the app on my new phone. Will all of my data transfer?!?

  29. I have Ease into 5k on my Droid 4, and have music both from Google Play, and other mp3’s I’ve added to the device. I’ve noticed that the app can not read any of the Play playlists, and when i create playlists right in the app, it doesnt seem to have access to the music from Google Play. What can i do to have access to all my music within the app?

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, Google Play app stores music in a way that is not accessible to third-party apps. So if you are using Google Play for music you would need to start playing music with the Google Play app, then switch to Ease into 5K and start the workout.

  30. I have a question regarding Ease into 5K. My GPS is not working. It used to work. It now doesn’t log the pace correctly – for instance a 40 min. mile, then a 4 min. mile. Any suggestions on what the problem is?
    Also, I purchased Bridge to 10K. Do I have to pay for the GPS feature again?

    Thanks in advance. Your apps are excellent and have made me a runner!

  31. Has the app been designed to store data during a backup in case there is s need to restore? I’m in the midst of doing some serious configuration changes on my phone with Apple techs and if a restore is needed don’t want to lose. If not is there a way to send logs to an email per say?

    • Hi Sharon,

      The iTunes backup process should also backup the app’s data and restore it when you restore the phone. Currently, there is no way to export the Journal data, but that will change soon. With the next app update we are releasing RunHelper, the new companion website for our apps. With RunHelper account you will be able to upload all your workout data to RunHelper website and easily restore it when you need it.

  32. I did W2D1, finished, hit Done button, the accidentally hit Start again and lost my data. Can I retrieve it?

    • HI,

      Your data should still be there, but you might have created another entry. Select your journal and you should see two W2D1 entries. Swipe to delete the extra one. If this is not the case please email me at support@runhelper.com

  33. Jessica Fleenor

    I have been using this app for almost 3 months now and love it!! I had to factory reset my phone today because of hardware issues. They assured me that nothing in my apps would be lost. When I went into my app EVERYTHING was gone. All my journal entries, everything I have completed. It is also asking me to pay for the GPS feature again!! Is all my information going to be gone or is there a way to get it back? I will be very disappointed if it is gone. Especially since everything was backed up. Thanks.

    • Hi Jessica,

      I’m so sorry this has happening. Either the iTunes backup did not correctly backup the app’s data or the restore process failed to restore our app’s data. If the backup included the app’s data then there is a way to extract it manually and recover the data. Please email us at support@runhelper.com and we’ll send you detailed instructions on how to do that.

  34. Just completed w1d2 and love it so far! The one issue I’m having is that between the time I bought the app and the GPS feature and I started using it, I had to factory reset my phone. Now I can’t turn the GPS on. I’m prompted to buy it, but when I go to buy it I get a message that tells me I already bought it and I can’t buy it again. Can you help? Thanks!

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for writing. Just follow the same steps you did to purchase it originally and as long as you are using the same iTunes account you did when you enabled it the first time, the app store will detect that you have already paid for the feature and will enable it without charging you again. You will need to confirm the $0.99 charge, but right after that pop-up you will get a pop-up saying that you have already paid for it and won’t get charged again.

      To get the GPS pop-up again just tap on the red GPS circle on the main app screen. If this didn’t help email me at support@runhelper.com

  35. I just completed Day 1 and I really like the app. Everything seems to be working well for me. Is there a way to include more specific information on the Twitter/Facebook shares? It would be nice to share distance/time and perhaps the map instead of basically just posting an ad for the app. Thanks!

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your suggestion. The app gives the bare minimum to Twitter/Facebook because not everyone is willing to share all their stats. You can always add what you want to share in addition to what automatically gets posted in the text box before sending. If you are auto-publishing and don’t get the text box you can disable auto-publish in your settings located with in the app under Social Media.

  36. Hi, I have a question about the warmup and cooldown periods and how they impact the overall pace. It seems like when I do both of them, ALL of my paces are reported slower than I think they really are based on time run and distance covered. Example:
    I do the 5 minute warmup, then run 30 minutes, then the 5 minute cooldown. The app says that my total pace is in the 12-14 min/mile rate, and my running pace is 10:15/mile. When I skip through the warmup and cooldown on a different day and just do the running workout, running the same route and covering the same distance (about 3.3 miles in 30 minutes), I get a pace of 9:30 or so per mile.

    I have dedicated running friends who I want to share my pace per mile with, but I’m not getting consistent results from the app. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for writing. The app generates pace and distance data from the entire workout which includes the warm up and the cool down. Which is why you are seeing slower total pace per min/mile when you are doing the whole workout. We are looking into having an option where you could choose to exclude the warm up and cool down from your total pace time.

      • Thanks for the reply, Tanya, I would like that feature :). I appreciate how you are so open to user suggestions, and I had another thought:

        Is there (or could there be added) a way to magnify the pace and distance displays while you are running? I find it hard to keep up my pace and look at the app to see how I’m doing. Right now I pause the app and stop for a few seconds to check pace & distance, but if I recall correctly, pausing makes the current pace go to 0. Thanks for considering!

      • Yes Scott,

        I couldn’t agree with you more, it frustrates me as well when I go out for a run. We will be revamping that screen as it was created before we added the GPS feature to the app. We will be improving that screen so it is more functional.
        We love customer feedback because it helps make our apps better. Thanks for taking the time to tell us.

  37. Does anyone know how to delete an individual workout so it doesn’t skew your graphs/averages? There are a few times my phone died or I couldn’t finish the workout, and they are pulling my averages down.

    • Hi Samantha,

      You can delete a single workout by going to the list view of the journal screen and swiping your finger from left to right and a delete button will show up. Tap on the delete button to delete that entry.

  38. Hey! Love the app but…

    I used it again for the first time in months (day 1) on Wednesday, and now the ap is “locked”. I can’t use it and have no idea why. I go to hit “start” and the red lock opens and then closes.

    What gives?

    • Oh, I use an iPhone (not 4S) with the latest IOS software upgrade.

      • Hi,

        Most likely you have the “Lock Buttons” feature turned on. That feature makes certain buttons
        (indicated by a padlock next to them) require a double tap to activate. We have put that feature in order to help prevent accidental button taps during a workout. You can turn it off if you%27d like by going to the Settings tab and turning OFF the “Lock Buttons” option.

  39. Michelle H.

    Would it be possible to offer more choices in the settings area? Like most Canadians I know… I measure distance in metric, and weight in imperial. That means that I have to change the app to imperial first to put in my weight in pounds, and then change it back to metric to know how fast and far I’ve gone.
    Perhaps have an option like that set up?

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your comment. We have received a few requests for splitting the units and we will do that in a future app update.

  40. Hi there,
    In my journal log, the tally for fastest mile is obviously wrong (it tells me my fastest mile is 7:30 when my averages are all around 13-14/mile). Short of deleting all of my info and re-entering, is there a fix?


    • Hi Courtney,

      Unfortunately, there’s no way to edit the fastest mile with the current version. The only way you can remove the incorrect value is if you delete the workout log that created the incorrect value. However, it may not be possible to know which entry is responsible. We will address this issue in a future app update.

  41. Just downloaded Ease into 5K. Was using RunDouble, but found it utterly failing to work with the GPS in my Samsung Galaxy. Hoping this will be better. One glitch right away is that when I select “music” I get a screen that tells me “Use your media player app to create playlists. Your playlists will be displayed here.” But I already have playlists in my media player app, and they are not displayed there. How do I fix this?

    • Hi Penny,

      Thanks for downloading our app! Unfortunately on Samsung phones apps cannot access the playlists because the phone’s system does not allow it. What you can do is switch to using the in-app playlist and add your songs directly in the app. To do that go to the app Settings (click on the Menu button on your phone) then uncheck the “User external playlists”. After you do that, the Music screen will display a “+” button which when pressed will allow you to add music to the in-app playlist.

      • Thanks for this explanation. I have to tell you that I tried out the app last night, and it also did not log any distance, any pace — nothing. This is so disappointing. My GPS is fixed on at least seven satellites at any moment, and seems to do a reasonable job of tracking my speed. Why can’t the app access this information? I have the GPS on…..what’s up with that? I would be SO helpful to know my pace. It’s no better (in fact it’s a little worse) than RunDouble.

      • I’m so sorry about the issue you are experiencing with the GPS feature. Could you please let me know which model phone do you have and I can try to figure out why our app doesn’t seem to be able to access the location data.

      • Hi — Sorry, should have thought of that. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy 5.0.

  42. PatrickGSR94

    Well I just wanted to add that I completed W5D3 and W6D1 both on the first try! Currently attempting to run 20 minutes on W6D2 but haven’t made it yet. However yesterday I did run my first complete mile with no walking, first time since probably the 9th grade almost 20 years ago!

  43. PatrickGSR94

    The progression of Week 5 seems a bit odd. First you have 18 minutes total running and 6m walking. Then the next day is only 16m running and 2m walking. But then Day 3 is still 16m running and 4m walking. Why the variations of increasing/decreasing the running and walking?

  44. I’m just starting out, but, my husband has used your app for a few weeks. I just started today and i want to use the GPS feature, but, it tells me I need to upgrade to iOS 4.0 or higher, but, I am running iOS 5.1.1. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

    • Hi Julie,

      Are you using the app on the iPod touch? If so that’s the reason you get this message. The iPod touch does not have the necessary GPS antenna that is required for accurate location data.

  45. Wondering if you can clear a workout? I accidentally pressed start and backed out of it, and now it shows that I did a workout for 0 seconds.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      You can delete a workout in the journal screen by swiping your finger over the date in the list view. If you want to unmark the workout on the day slider you can just double tap on the week/day that is colored in green.

  46. Just completed my first day and am excited to keep it up. How do you turn off your music after a run? Today it just kept going and my husband cleared the ram but there must be an easier way.

  47. Brand new iPhone, very first app I bought was Ease into 5K. LOVE it. I also bought Ease into 10K to do when I’m done. Started at week 5 because I’d been doing a similar program without an app–this is wonderful and so much better. Anyway, my music disappears! I went to do my run today and the music would not play. I did not have the triangle/play button available, just the two vertical bars. So I checked the 10K and it was the same there, too! So I re-synced with iTunes and it worked. Tonight I was just looking at for Wed.’s workout and again, no music will play. Help! What am I doing wrong??? Aside from this, I LOVE this!

    • Hi Jo,

      I’m so glad to hear you love our apps! Could you please send us a screenshot of the screen where the play button is missing? You can take a screenshot of any visible screen by simultaneously tapping on the top Sleep and bottom Home buttons on your iPhone. The screenshot image will be placed in the Photos app, where you can email it from to support@runhelper.com.

      The screenshot will help us figure out what’s going on and suggest what to do in order to fix it.

  48. Joseph Martin

    Hi, my ease into 5K has red lock icons all over today’s run and I can’t start the app. Help please.

    • Hi Joseph,

      It looks like you have the “Lock Buttons” feature turned on. That feature makes certain buttons
      (indicated by a padlock next to them) require a double tap to activate. We have put that feature in order to help prevent accidental button taps during a workout. You can turn it off if you’d like by going to the Settings tab and turning OFF the “Lock Buttons” option.

  49. Hi, I just started Week 1 Day 1 today and I have great hopes for it. I am a long-time runner but haven’t run for quite awhile now. Every time I start up again I go full-force and end up injuring myself. My hopes for this program are 1- to force myself to slow down and pace myself; I’ve always been terrible at this and 2- to get to 5K and stay there, forever, unless I go for 10K, but whatever, I don’t need that. Thanks and I HOPE this works for me.

    • Hi Nita,

      Thanks for writing. We hope that app works out for you as well. Good luck in your training and tell us how it’s going.

  50. I had a question about repeating weeks. If I choose to repeat a week, will the information recorded from the first time I completed the week be overwritten?

  51. Hi – I am a little confused about the Nike + element. Do I need the GPS add on if I use that? Or how does the Nike+ information integrate into Ease into 5K? Thx!

    • To have the two apps work together you would just need to start the Nike+ and then Ease into 5K. If this is not the case for you please email me at support@runhelper.com and provide the device you are using to run both apps, the iOS version, and if you are using the built in Nike+ app or the downloading Nike+GPS app.

  52. Hi there – I’m just starting out and a friend recommended your app – but I was hoping for a way to enter my race date and then it would adjust from there. I don’t think that the app does that (although it looks like your half marathon one does) – maybe I’ll just pass on that I hope you’ll consider that? I’m actually going to literally “ease into a 5K” to then “bridge to a 10K” but it would be so much better if I could track to the dates…

    If I want to workout more than 3x a week (or can push harder) should I just move forward in dates and ignore the weeks setting?

    I also have Nike + so I’ll have to see how that integrates…

    I’m sure I’m going to love it! Just wondering how to handle training to a race date. Thx!

    • Hi Alexa,

      Thanks for writing. This is a great question. Our 5K and 10K apps do not have a race setting option. The 5K app is an 8 week plan and you can use that as a reference of when you should start your training. The apps have a built in journal that tracks your dates on a list and/or calendar view. You will know exactly when you’ve completed each workout. if you feel like a workout is too easy or too hard you can always redo a workout or skip ahead as needed. Hope this was helpful. Good luck in your training.

  53. Hi Tanya and Alex!
    Thanks for this app, it had definitiely turned me into a happy jogger :).
    My question regards the previous entries (distance, speed…) that no longer appear on my iPhone. I accidentaly deleated the Ease into 5K from my iPhone and even after reinstalling it, all the progress seems to be lost :(.
    Any ideas as to how I could get it back, or is it definitely lost?

    Thanks so much

  54. PatrickGSR94

    Any chance of adding customization to E25K? I’m going on my 4th week on Week 4 and it still seems too much for me (the 6 minute run). I mastered Week 3 after a couple of weeks but Week 4 is really kicking my butt! I feel like I need something in-between the Week 3 and Week 4 workouts.

    • Week 4 is the HARDEST week, by far. For me, even the 20 minute run wasn’t as hard to get through as those first 6 minute runs. It gets better every time through, but I totally feel your pain. I also have thought many times that this app is perfect except it could use a few more weeks in the program between weeks 3 and 4, and probably also to work up a little more gradually to that first 20-minute run. Here’s what I did to remedy the issue in lieu of the extra built-in weeks:

      I used to use the Nike Pro Training Boom app (which allows you to program in your own intervals) to program in an altered version of Week 3 where I run 3 minutes and four minutes instead of 3 minutes and 1.5 minutes. I felt like that was “in-between” enough to bridge me over and help me get used to those 4 and 6 minute runs in week 4. If you use the GPS feature, Runkeeper is a free app that has a GPS feature that you could run in the background with the NPT app for that time period.

      The other thing I do doesn’t involve extra apps at all. On any given day if I TRULY can’t do an interval, I just take a few seconds (up to a block) to walk a little until I feel like I can run again. It is still pretty close to the intensity of the intended workout, but it really boosts my morale!

  55. Loving your app so far. I’ve done several runs and enjoy analyzing and comparing the data after a run. I haven’t been able to figure out what the blue pin on the map indicates. It’s always placed just before, (or maybe after), my turn around point.

    • Lori,

      I am so happy you are loving our app. The pins that are on the map are purple (mile marker and avg. pace), red (Total distance, Avg. pace and the location you stopped), and green (the starting position). Hope this was helpful. Good luck with your running.

  56. PatrickGSR94

    Wow that’s pretty awesome. You’ve been progressing much faster than me. I’ve been using the program off and on for 2-3 months and am only on week 3 myself. Last week I had trouble finishing the second 3-min run, but this week I fully completed the whole workout. It’s still hard, but a few months ago I could barely run more than 30 seconds. I have never smoked, but am a bit overweight and have been out of shape many years. I’ve never been very active or athletic until now at 32 years old. At this point I have lost over 10 pounds from the weight I stayed at for nearly a decade.

    I will say that I owe everything regarding running, getting in shape, eating better, just generally living better, to my choice last summer to start living barefoot as much as possible. It may sound odd, but going barefoot inspired me to improve my health, and running barefoot is the FIRST regular workout I’ve ever stuck with, the first one I’ve ever been EXCITED about. I still can’t run for a full mile yet, but with E25K’s help I’m getting there.

  57. So incredibly pleased with this app!! Thank you. Just some background, a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. I apparently had been living in it for approximately a year and a half. My doctor assessed that I was recovering quickly once the problem with the furnace was fixed but that muscle atrophy and possible organ damage had likely been done. Fast forward to today (although it seemed very slow) I was finally motivated to start this program. I am 5’3 and 213lbs, female and 46 soon to be 47. I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to handle the program.

    Week 1 Day 1 completed and I didn’t die! Matter of fact I was able to do the entire routine at a pace that worked for me without feeling like I just overdid everything. I feel great. I’m sure I’ll be a bit sore tomorrow but not disabled. 🙂 I share this to encourage others who are considering beginning this program…..now to just stick with it. 😉

    So my question is: this program is designed to be done 3 days a week but I really want to lose weight in addition to progressing to a 5k run. I handled this first day much better than I thought I would. Would there be any reason that I should not do 5 days a week just repeating days rather than progressing into the next week’s plan?
    Thank you again….I think I can do this!,,

  58. Just thought I would share my experience with your program. As a long time smoker of over 30 years, I quit smoking in october of 2011 using an ecig nicotine inhaler. I used the ecig for a few months and as my lungs started feeling better, I thought a running program to get a little lung exercise would be beneficial. A friend recommended the ease into 5K program. I started in early february running outside in KY. The first sessions had me breathing so hard, I decided to stop using the e-cig immediately. Each of the first workouts pushed me to the absolute limit of what I could do. When the program said to stop running…I stopped immediately. In week 3 it became clear, Day 1 was hard, but the second day of the same workout was manageable, the third day, “easy”, than a new week with a new challenge. I started to trust that a hard work out would only be hard once. I stuck with it, running, walking, running walking…always waiting for the next bell and transition, turning to head back the way I came when the app said I was at the halfway point. then something amazing happened. In week 5, a walk command surprised me…I could have gone farther. I decided to stretch at the end of the next workout, and ran 4 minutes into cooldown. I felt great. At the beginning of week 6, I decided to dial forward to a 30 minute run. I was amazed…I ran for 30 minutes, covering 3 miles. Here I sit, looking at your site trying to decide if I want to enjoy running 30 minutes 3 days a week, which was my original goal, or should I push to the 10K transition program. 6 weeks ago, I literally struggled to run for 90 second intervals. The last few workouts, relaxed and jogging at a comfortable pace breathing easy for most of the run, not gasping for breath, listening to my music, on cruise control, I understand why people like to run. The program worked well, If I could do it…a 30lb overweight ex smoker, I suspect almost anyone can….(and by the way, I haven’t lost a pound, dog fish head beer tastes great after a run.) Thanks again…

    • Thank you for taking the time to write this comment. I am so happy that our app has gotten you to being a runner. I am even more happier that you’ve chosen to quit smoking and start a good, perhaps even better, addictive habit, running. Thank you for showing others that by following and trusting the plan you will see results. Keep up the good work and again thanks for sharing your success story with our app. Good luck as you continue to further your running distance.

  59. i put in all my information a while ago, and am trying to change it before i start and i am not finding where i can do so. i know going into “goals” in options is where you want to put your target weight, but i cannot find where to put in my actual current weight..

    • Thanks for writing. You enter your actual weight on the Journal entry screen. When
      you finish a workout you can tap on the “Journal Progress” icon on the sharing tab
      of the workout screen (lower part of the screen). Or after the fact
      you can access the journal entries on the Journal tab. When you have the Journal entry screen
      open tap on the Weight box and you’ll be able to enter your weight.

  60. AnyOne having trouble with this app, cos mine doesn’t beep after each interval of running/walking so I don’t know when to stop or start?

    • Hi Emma,

      If you have iOS 5.0 or greater installed on your iPhone/iPod touch, see this post for instructions on how to make it work: https://blog.bluefinapps.com/2011/12/06/audio-alerts-and-ios-5-0/

      • I had the trouble of no audio alerts today on my iPhone 4. It seemed like when the switch was set to vibrate I got music and no audible alerts. Banner messages were fine. When audio alerts worked again I had flipped the side switch back on – off of vibrate.

      • Thanks for writing. If the phone is muted with the switch turned to on and the app is in the background you will not hear audio alerts. Make sure the app is in the foreground and your screen left on if you have the mute switch turned on. Otherwise don’t mute your phone and you will be able to hear the audio alerts.

  61. Also, when is the android 4.0 bugfix coming?

  62. You know what would be nice, if the facebook update contained something more interesting than run 30 seconds walk 30 seconds etc…

    something like “I covered x.xx miles in x minutes burning x calories!!! Powered by Runkeeper….” also you can actually upload routes to google accounts so a link could be attached (the current status updates look like a sales pitch and don’t include any useful info – I’d like the GPS stats included to show what i _did_ not what I was _told_ to do. I’ve not used the FB updates because of those reasons).

    • Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for writing to us your suggestions for the Facebook posts. We thought about having all the stats post to FB, but we decided not too because we thought that everyone may not enjoy sharing all of their information. We can look into this further. Maybe we could hear from more of our followers as to what they would like to see most on their FB posts. Anyone want to give us their feedback?

  63. PatrickGSR94

    Wow something is really off. Friday I completed W2D3, going 2.12 miles in 34:02 for an average pace of 16:01. Yet it shows the average running pace as 16:57, walk pace as 22:43. What’s going on?

  64. PatrickGSR94

    There seems to be an issue with the various workout calculations. On Friday I completed Week 2 Day 1, which is a total of 9:45 running, 13:30 walking, 10:00 warm-up/cool-down, plus whatever additional walking I do to get back to my starting point (1-mile loop).

    On Friday my total workout was 34:56, distance 1.94 miles, average pace 18:00. Run pace was 13:51 and walk pace was 21:12.

    This past Monday, workout was 33:27 (shorter time), 2.00 miles (longer distance, although I think that was a GPS glitch), which obviously works out to a faster pace of 16:43. However both run and walk paces were slower than before, at 14:41 and 22:12 respectively. How could the overall workout have a faster overall pace when the run and walk portions both show a slower pace?

    I actually did the math to figure the distance covered during running and walking, and came up with only 1.73 miles vs. the workout’s total distance report of 2.0 miles. The other days so far have been closer, but still slightly lower than the reported total distance covered, within about 0.05 miles or so. But Monday calculated out to more than a 1/4 mile discrepancy.

  65. PatrickGSR94

    To Eloise above (replied to my comment but I can’t reply back for some reason) – there is a fix listed just a few posts below the one of mine you replied to. It has to do with the settings in Notification Center in iOS 5 (for iOS devices anyway). Changing the setting listed above fixed everything for me, app works flawlessly now.

  66. Hi. I’m finishing Week 6 tonight. So far, everything has gone really well. But I’m comparing the next 2 weeks with the old plan that was on this app and I’m a little concerned.

    Originally, the step-ups were weekly. It looks like you guys are now increasing time with every single workout. Is that right? That seems steep. I was under the impression that we should increase our time by 10% per week.

    Any thoughts?

  67. Hi, not sure if this has been addressed but I’ve been keeping track of my run and walk pace and it seems my average pace is higher than my walk pace which should be my my slowest time. How is this possible? I’m not running on a track but I do have to pause the app occasionally for dog ‘breaks’. Any feedback appreciated.

  68. Thanks Tanya, that now makes a lot of sense! It is still kind of erratic when I am on the streets, but more recognizable as a route than when on the track.

  69. I am hoping I am not repeating a question, but I have not seen it addressed.
    I have the app on my iPhone (3GS) and use my armband. When the GPS is on and I check my map at the end of the workout, it looks as if I have been everywhere, even if i have only been at the track, running in circles. I try not to turn it on too early, but still have to walk to my starting point. I am also wondering if this would affect the measure of distance.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for commenting. If you are running on a circular track with our apps the GPS will not be able to track your distance and pace accurately. GPS measures lengths between points A and B. For example: If you are going into the first turn on the track and the app calculates this as point A and you reach point B on the other side of the track the GPS will draw a direct line from point A to point B missing the extra distance you covered while in the turn.

  70. Not even an outdoor standard 400-meter track? Surely it could track that.

    • I haven’t tested the app on a 400-meter track, so I can’t say for sure. But the larger the track the more accurate the distance measurements will be. The relatively speaking small radius of the track turns presents a challenge for the GPS algorithm that is used to calculate the distance based on location.

  71. I am having issues with the gps also. It’s not tracking my distance at all when I run on a track…it worked once and no other time afterward.

    • Hi Kris,

      The GPS cannot accurately calculate the distance when running on a track. This is due to the fact that when you run on a track you running around small area and the GPS depends on larger distance changes in order to be able to determine the distance.

  72. the gps feature is acting up, it will either not work until half way through the work out or start working half way through the work out?

  73. I love this app and my husband is interested in getting it but only uses Pandora to run. Does it work with Pandora?

    • HI Dusti,

      Thanks for commenting. The app does work with Pandora so your husband can listen to his favorite tunes while he is working out. Good Luck!

  74. My Ease into 5k app on my android phone won’t play some of my .mp3 music. Is there a reason for that? It’s pretty randomn too–some music is stored in amazon cloud and it won’t play it, but it will play others. Same for some stored on device. Some music is transferred from my old iphone and some is just on this phone. Doesn’t seem to matter. If you could give me a heads up on what I could do to get all my music on there, I would appreciate it.

  75. Hi,

    I just purchased the Android version for my wife and I, including the GPS feature. I would like to know how can I change it to show kilometers instead of miles. Thanks!


  76. Something I thought would be nice in your program is an option in the audio alerts for speed intervals. For the long runs (30-45 min) the voice could prompt to “Run Faster” for 30 seconds, then “Run Slower” for the next 4.5 minutes, or something along those lines. What do you think?

    I love your apps!!!

  77. Never had an issue when it was C25K, but ever since I updated to Ease into 5K the app has been shutting off when in use. When I have the app open and running, it will close down after ~20 seconds. Though the time on it still counts down when I reopen it; which means I’ve had to keep my watch timer going so I know how long it has been since it won’t “alert” me to warm-up, run, or cool-down. But then at the end of the cool-down it completely shuts down (not even running in the background of my phone) and doesn’t record the workout as having been done. What is going on?!

    Also, when I first updated and tried to use it and Nike+ at the same time, the Nike+ app paused everytime I tried to use Ease in 5K 😦 Hard to keep up with Nike+ challenges with my sister in another country if the Nike+ app won’t function while Ease is running.

  78. Thank you, Tanya!

  79. Does this app require constant wifi or 3G? Can it be used on an ipod where wifi is not available? Thanks!

    • I Claudia,

      Thanks for your comment. The app does not require internet connection and it is perfectly compatible with iPod touch. Just make sure your iPod has iOS version 3.0 or greater. You can check that by opening the Settings app on your iPod touch, selecting General, then About, and noting the Version number. If it says anything less than 3.0, then update your iPod touch first, and then download the app. Updating the iPod touch is easy, just plug it in to your computer and follow the on-screen instructions you will see in iTunes.

  80. UCHS Marching Band Boosters

    I used the ‘old’ app and am now trying to start the new year right by going at it again with the ‘new’ app. Did day 1 today and LOVED that I can now use my own music and love every part of the new app. Thanks!

    I didn’t have the GPS feature today but have paid my 99 cents and will use it next time.

    • I am so happy that you have recommitted this year. I am glad you love the new program. Thank you for posting and keep up the good work.

  81. John Namington

    I noticed a typo on your page: “Android Marker” should be “Android Market”. Thanks for your amazing apps!

  82. i updated the app but i am wondering is there a way to get it to vibrate and play notifications when the phone is locked.

    • Same thing I was asking above, still no response.

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for writing. There is a bug in the iOS 5.0 that in some cases disables the notifications for app in the Notification Center. Could you please check if the Notifications are enabled for the Ease into 5K app:

      – Start the Settings app
      – Select the Notifications (at the fist panel, just under the Wi-Fi)
      – Scroll down the list of apps and select Ease into 5K app
      – Make sure the Notifications are turned on and look similar to this screenshot:

      – Scroll down the list and turn ON Badge App Icon, Sound, and View in Lock Screen

      If you place the app in the background or lock the screen while you workout this is very likely the reason why you can’t hear alerts.

      • YES!! That fixed it for me! I don’t need to see badge app icons or see anything on the lock screen. I only need to hear the sounds so that’s the only notification I turned on. Seems to work perfectly now with the phone screen locked.

        You should probably add this info to the Help section under “Help, I can’t hear the voice alerts!”.

  83. I am doing the Couch to 5k plan with a number of other folks, online. We all post & discuss our progress. Because of your change (which I completely understand is not of your choosing), I will no longer be doing the same workout as my friends. This causes a major problem.

    I really have no choice but to download the Active.com app, in order to maintain my current workout. Will you be giving refunds to those of us who are stuck with an app we can no longer use?

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for posting. We are sorry that you are unable to follow along with your friends as you complete the Couch to 5K app. All refunds of Apple iTunes apps are directly dealt with Apple and we do not have control over that. If you wish to contact them for a refund please do.

      • Thanks. It looks like you’ve developed a pretty good 5k program with the change. All the best to you both.

  84. There seems to be a bug with the app. When I start a workout, the music in the selected playlist starts as it should, and I hear the run/walk prompts as I should. However if I press the sleep/awake button to turn off the iPhone display, I no longer hear any prompts. Music continues as normal, and the various run/walk sessions continue as normal, but no voice prompts.

    Is there some setting I’m missing, or is this a bug? I really don’t like to have the phone screen on while in my pocket during the entire workout. It drains the battery faster and opens up the potential for unwanted touch input.

    • Can you give me any information on this issue?

      • This Exact thing happens to me. It’s really annoying and in on the verge of giving up using the app because of it. Is there anything that can be done to fix this, as I think it must be a bug?


  85. I have a question regarding distance. Does the recorded distance include your warmups and cooldowns? If so, how will I know that I am actually running the full 3k?

  86. There are a few bugs with the new update. I think week 6 day 3 (or maybe 2) at the last 2 minutes, it says 1 minute left and then at the last minute, it says 2 minutes left. Also, as soon as week 6 day 2 finished, it just kicks you out of the program instead of waiting until you enter in the journal etc.

    Otherwise, LOVE this app and keep up the amazing work you guys are doing. I was never a runner and now i look fwd to it! Can’t wait to finish and do the bridge to 10k next!

    • Helen,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. Apple has released the new updated that fixes the two bugs you mentioned today. Please update your app and all will be well again. I am so happy that our app has turned you into a runner. Keep up the good work.

  87. oh ok…i was also freaking out about the 9 min run today (week 5 day one according to the app) So you are saying we should go with what is written above rather than the app description right?

    • Yes, the app will play alerts according to what’s above. Only the description of the workouts is incorrect. We are hoping the update that fixes that gets approved any day now.

  88. I have a question, I bought this app about 4 weeks a go, I am currently on week 3. Is the program training schedule changing? Everyone is talking about updates, I am confused, I don’t want to be doing the wrong or old version? Does this make sense?

    • Hi Rachel,

      Yes, the update (version 3.2.3) changes the training plan to the one outlined above. If you haven’t updated the app already please wait until version 3.2.4 becomes available (which should be any day now) since the version 3.2.3 has a few issues. You won’t be doing a wrong plan, they are just different. And you will be able to continue with the new plan when you update.

  89. I have an android phone and it send as though the program will prompt one work out, then deliver another. For example, week 6 day 1 prompted a 20 minute run, but I did two 9 minute intervals. The choice prompts are also off, occasionally saying I have 2 minutes left, the saying the run is completed after one minute. Please fix this, as it was a great program until the changes were recently made.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for writing. We have published an update (version 1.0.12) that fixes those issues. Sorry about the trouble this has caused.

  90. I just updated the app to the new plan and noticed that week 5 times are completely different from what is stated in this post. I’m on week 5 day 2 (just completed running 5 min straight on day 1 of the old plan) and was looking forward to I was on in the previous plan and was looking forward to doing day 2 of the new plan with 6 min run, etc. of the new plan as listed in this post, but the app says I need to run 10 min! AAAAAACK! I don’t think I’m ready for that!! 😉

    • I apologize for my typos there… changed thoughts mid sentence and didn’t delete old partial thought. I also should’ve mentioned I’m using the iPhone app. Thanks!

    • Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately the workout descriptions for Week 5 are incorrect. The interval alerts during the workout however, are correct and will match the plan. We have already submitted the next update that fixes this (and couple of other bugs that have slipped) and the update is now pending Apple’s approval. So sorry about this and the trouble it has caused.

      • Thank you so much for replying so promptly! I’m getting ready to run/walk in the next couple hours. I was trying to figure out what day I should do instead. I feel so relieved!! I can do 6 minutes!! 😉

  91. I’ve been using the app on my iPhone since 09/08/11 with the in-app GPS feature. I however updated the app and am now being prompt to purchase the GPS feature? The feature should however work after the update. Checked out app support and all I could find was to restart the phone which did’nt avail to much. Any ideas as I do not plan on paying again for this feature.

    • Hi Anthony,

      I’m not really sure why would that happen. It could be that the app was deleted first instead of just updated. But I don’t see how that could have happened. The App Store keeps track of in-app purchases you have paid for, so if you try purchasing it again – and you are using the same iTunes account you have originally purchased GPS feature with – it should re-enable the GPS feature without charging you again. Just tap on the red GPS circle on the main screen and follow the purchase process. You should get a pop-up saying that you have already paid for it and you won’t be charged again.

  92. I started the C25K Week 1 Day 1 back on the first of August, and it turned out to be WAY too much too soon for me. I haven’t used the app since then, and instead have just been walking for 2-3 miles at a time, with some running bits mixed in. I’ve been doing this for several weeks now.

    I think now I may be ready to give this a try again, and I’ll use the new plan/app. I’ve also switched from walking in the evening around my neighborhood to my lunch break around my office – MUCH more invigorating and exciting terrain and routes, not to mention I have multiple routes to choose from as opposed to the single loop near my house.

    I just hope I can stick with it at least 3 days a week, especially now that winter is setting in, and often there are lunch meetings or other things that come up at the office around lunch.

  93. Why not make this an option instead of the only plan? If we want to do the old plan, we can’t update our app, which means the App Store constantly tells us we have updates, a problem for OCD folks like me. I also can’t hit “Update All” to update multiple apps at once, lest your app accidentally get updated, so I have to update one at a time. Very inconvenient, especially for an app that we paid for.

    • Hi Justin,

      Thanks for your comment. We are no longer able to provide the old plan as Active Network, Inc. has asked us to stop using it.

  94. If you are in the middle of the program, will your existing journal entries remain? (Including all graphs, charts, etc.)

  95. Why can’t I find this app on the app store? When I click on the link for iPhone it says action could not be completed and when I search it just brings up the 10k one.

  96. Debra Carl Freeman

    Great changes!! I can’t wait to get them on my iPhone!

  97. Hiya for the people who have the iPhone app bought already will we get the new app as an update?

  98. I’m really looking forward to these changes with the program. I really think, for me being a complete beginner, that the new program will be easier at the start then the current one. I’m just about to start the program again (after only making it to week 2) and I will start with the new plan. I can’t wait for Apple to approve it so I can get the update on my iPhone!

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for sticking with the app and for trying it again. I sincerely hope that the new plan will help you. Good luck!

  99. Week 4, do you mean a 5-minute warmup? I think so, or the total time doesn’t add up. But… for what it’s worth, I was happy to see 3 minutes as the five minute warm up is SO grueling, I always but it short by a minute or two to get on with things!

    • Hi Jody,

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I have made the corrections. It is supposed to be a 5 minute warm up. Thanks again.