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Reality check. How far do you want to go this summer?

It’s May.  Summer will be here before we know it and it’s time to make things happen if you’d like to look back on a summer running season that will make you proud.  It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready to take a crack at your first marathon or still trying to work up the courage to start running for the first time in decades, there’s no time like the present to get started.

We’ve developed a number of training plans to help runners of all abilities reach a variety of training goals — from that first 5k to a full marathon.  Here are the programs you can start right now, along with some not-too-far-off completion dates that should get you excited about how soon you could be reaching your goals.

Couch potato to power walker by the middle of August.  Even if you consider yourself completely out of shape at this very moment, you could be completing a 60-minute power walk with confidence in less time than you think.  Starting Power Walk before June will have you finishing the program the week of August 12.

From beginner to 5k racer by the middle of July.  If you can run a few minutes at a time, we can get you running a full 5k without walking in just eight weeks.  Starting Ease into 5k before June will have your ready to race by the week of July 16.  (To set your sights on a longer distance, Ease into 10k will have you running a 10k in just two weeks more.)

From 5k runner to 10k runner before the fireworks.  Ease into 5k graduates can build progressively to a 10k distance in just six weeks.  Starting Bridge to 10k before June will have you running the full 10k distance before July 4.

Putting a “13.1” sticker on your car before summer is over.  If you’ve done any of our shorter programs, you know that the plans work.  Starting the Hal Higdon Half Marathon (Novice 1) program this week will have you running a half marathon by mid-August.  For a slightly different approach, consider Hal Higdon Half Marathon (Novice 2).

Celebrate Fall with a full marathon.  For most runners, 26.2 miles is a crowning achievement.  Getting there is just a matter of laying out your plan and executing on it.  Get started now with Hal Higdon’s Marathon (Novice 1) and you could ring in the first week of Autumn marathon-ready.  And again, for a slightly different approach, check out Hal Higdon’s Marathon (Novice 2).

 It’s pretty exciting.  Pick any of those timeframes above and imagine yourself finishing your last workout of the program on that triumphant final week.  All you have to do is pick your plan and get started!

Getting back on the horse?  

If you’ve started a Bluefin program in the past but didn’t finish, you can always start fresh with a clean slate.  Just open up Settings and select “Reset on next start.”  The next time you launch the app, you’ll be ready to begin.   

Apps on sale through the end of the day!

It’s a good time to grab a new app or two!  Today’s the last day to pick up a number of Bluefin apps for just $0.99.  Here’s what’s on sale through the end of the day:

  • Ease into 5K
  • Ease into 10K®
  • Bridge to 10K®
  • Power Walk
  • Bootcamp

You can check them out in iTunes or the Android Market and learn more about each program on our website.
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Walking for runners

This week, we are excited to introduce Power Walk, our first app for walkers.  While the app is designed for users that for one reason or another aren’t able to participate in a running program, the benefits of walking itself are universal.

Today we’re talking a little bit about how walking can benefit anyone, even a serious runner who might consider walking strictly a warm-up and cool-down activity.  Here are some situations where a runner might benefit from a good, solid, no-sweat walk.
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Introducing Power Walk

Everybody has to start somewhere.

And even though we created Ease into 5K with the intent that a fitness novice could navigate it starting from scratch, we understand that hitting the ground (literally) running isn’t for everybody.  Our users have told us — whether it’s for them or for friends and loved ones — that there was a need for a true beginner’s program, one that could take someone who isn’t capable of any running at all and help him or her build their fitness gradually.

Enter Power Walk.

Power Walk follows the same philosophy and design as our running apps, but was created for walkers.  The goal of the 12-week program is to start off slow (intervals of three minutes quick, three minutes easy) and work up to a full 60-minute power walk.

It’s perfect if physical limitations prohibit running or if a person’s current fitness level just isn’t compatible with Ease into 5K.  Consider it a great stand-alone program to get up and moving or even a way to lay a solid fitness foundation before beginning a running program.

If you’ve struggled through the early weeks of Ease into 5K, are looking to keep yourself moving and active on a low-impact scale, or just know someone who would benefit from a walking program, please check it out. Power Walk is now available in the app store (and for more details on the training program, check out our page here.

The health benefits of walking are TREMENDOUS… especially if the alternative is sitting on the couch.  If you think Power Walk will help you or someone you know get moving, by all means give it a try!