Hal Higdon’s Apps

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer two separate Hal Higdon marathon training programs and two Hal Higdon half-marathon programs for both iOS and Android.  See below for an overview of the apps, followed by links for iTunes and the Android Market.

  • Enjoy reading running tips, listening to voice prompts, and motivational audio alerts from Hal Higdon himself.
  • You will also be able to track your distance with the built in GPS capability that will map and graph your progress throughout your training. Try to improve your best time by inputting your personal goals into settings.

The home screen is where it all begins.

Set the race date and find out when you need to start training.  You can either type in the date of the race or start from the day you purchased the app. The running icon will progress as you complete each workout showing you how much closer you are to finishing the program. Along the way you can run a 5K and 10K to help you prepare for your 1/2  or full marathon race.

Choose your workout.

Follow the plan with the day slider that tells you what day you’re working out, cross training or resting. On days where you cross train you can decide to either run that day or log a cross training workout on the journal. You can do the same for rest days as well. Choose to either rest or go for a run. These options were put into the app to allow you the flexibility to follow the plan but also tweak it to follow your lifestyle.

Get pumped.

Listen to Hal’s encouraging voice motivate you during your run. The workout screen is designed to show you the time, distance, progress bar and GPS signal strength.

Click here to hear one of Hal’s motivational alerts

At the bottom of the screen you can control your music, volume, and social networking. The workout screen is intuitive and easy to use.

Choose the app for you!

  To download or learn more, follow the links below.


1/2 Marathon Novice 1

1/2 Marathon Novice 2

Marathon Novice 1

Marathon Novice 2


1/2 Marathon Novice 1

1/2 Marathon Novice 2

Marathon Novice 1

Marathon Novice 2

If you’d like to learn more about our Hal Higdon apps, check out http:halhigdon.bluefinapps.com.

For questions regarding this app please fill out this form below. Thank you!

47 responses to “Hal Higdon’s Apps

  1. I have a Sony experia phone and can’t seem to load music on to the app. It says tap the music note and a plus appears. This doesn’t happen. Any suggestion? Cheers

    • Hi Angie,

      Sorry for the late reply. By default the app lists playlists you have created with the Music app that came pre-loaded on your phone. So if the list is empty you may not have any playlists created. You can either create playlists with the Music app, or switch to using the in-app playlist. To do that go to the app Settings (click on the Menu button on your phone) then uncheck the “User external playlists”. After you do that, the Music screen will display a “+” button which when pressed will allow you to add music to the in-app playlist.

      Also, make sure the music is stored on the SD card as the app can only see music on the SD card.

  2. Will the Hal Higdon apps tell you your pace in the voice prompts? I know your other apps will tell you your distance and/or time remaining, but I am interested in the distance and pace in the voice prompts.

    • Hi Carrie,

      Thanks for writing. The Hal Higdon apps do not have pace and distance voice prompts at this time. This is a feature we are looking into providing in a future update.

  3. Krista Heineman

    Has any more progress been made for the training app for droids?

    • Hi Krista,

      Yes, we have! We are in the process of testing the apps and fixing bugs. It’s the last step in the development process and we very excited that we’ll be publishing Hal Higdon’s apps on Android soon.

  4. Hello,

    I am using the Hal Higdon program to train for a Novice 1 Marathon… I am an Android user and cannot wait to see this app roll out- Could you possibly give a timeline on the release or perhaps a projected release date? Thanks!

    • Hi Cori,

      Thanks for writing. I can’t give you an exact date, but what I can tell you is that we are working on getting the app finalized. There are quite a few steps involved, but we are in the final last stages. As we get even closer I will post on the blog so stay tuned!

  5. Any plans for the Hal Higdon Apps for Android?

  6. So ready to give you my money for an Android app.. running the RNR Denver this September.. Hope the app is out by MAY.

    • Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for commenting. We are working hard on bringing the Hal Higdon apps to Android. We hope to have the apps out before then.

  7. I used C25K as well. It worked great and I used their other apps to train for a 1/2 marathon and now working on a full.
    Would have bought the Higden app but gave up waiting in Sept. App looks great but I would rather pay something now then wait for an indefinite date in the future.

    Love the Hal Higdon program. Good luck on the Android conversion.

  8. I used C25K to bring me from a newbie to a 5K runner! I’m now working towards a 10K using RunDouble Ease into 10K on my Android phone. I love the app… it rocks!

    Like others, I am anxious to see the Higdon app ported to the Android platform.

  9. Is there anyway to log your treadmill runs in this program for those days you just can’t get out to run outside?

    • Hi Ulana,

      Yes, you can log your treadmill runs. Tap on the Journal tab, then in the top right corner tap on the “arrow” icon. You will then see a “Log Workout” button.

  10. Would really love to use this app to train for my first marathon. Are you going to make an Android version of Marathon Novice 1 or 2?

    • Hi Megan,

      We are working on making the Hal Higdon apps available for Android too. They should be up and running on the Android market real soon.

  11. Does the half program utilize intervals like the C25K program, or is it constant running? I have really enjoyed C25K and think interval training will be helpful as I prepare for my first half.

    • Hi Megan,

      Thanks for commenting. The Hal Higdon app follows Higdon’s coaching plan so it is distance based rather than time based. If you’ve completed the C25K app and can run 3 miles relatively easy you shouldn’t have a hard time with the half marathon app because it does work you up slowly.

      • Thanks Tanya. So does that mean it utilizes distance intervals, or just large distances?

      • Depending on what you determine large distances. The app starts out by asking you to run 3 miles for at least the first week and then you build up from there. There is no walking built into this program. You can always walk during your workout if you have to and repeat days as needed assuming you don’t have a set race date. The plan is 12 weeks long so you can plan accordingly.

  12. Hi,

    I used your Ipod app for 2 weeks and loved it, but am now back to my android phone. Can’t find anything similar on android – are you anywhere nearer the droid version? (Training for a January 2nd Half Marathon).

    Thank you!


    • Hi Emily,

      Thank you for writing. We are planning on making the Hal HIgdon Half Marathon available for the Android. We will keep you updated as the release date approaches. Until then good luck on your training.

  13. Hi There,
    Have used the Couch to 5K and Bridge to 10k Apps with much success. Can now run 15ks a few times per week with no trouble. Looking to train for a Half-Marathon, would this be a suitable app? Can you also let me know if it uses metric units?

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for writing and congrats on your running success. The half marathon app is 12 weeks long based on Hal Higdon’s Novice half marathon plan. The app is a distance based app so you will need to run the app on the iPhone in order to be able to use it. The app does have a setting to change to metric. Hope this was helpful. Good Luck!

  14. Sad that it is not compatible with the ipod touch. I have a garmin but really loved having the couch to 5k and couch to 10k on my ipod.

    • Renea,

      Thanks for writing. It would be nice if Apple made the iPod Touch with the same antenna as the iPhone. Who knows, maybe they will in the future?

  15. Is this app not available on the Ipod touch? All the other ones are. I guess I can do the program just by following along online and using the nike+ app, but I liked having somewhere to journal/check off my progress.

    • Hi Maikl,

      Thanks for writing. This app is not available on the iPod touch because you need to have GPS to track your training distance. I agree it is nice to have the journal feature. I too like to see my progress as I train.

  16. Kelli Eizenga

    I had no idea I was a runner until C25K helped me find out. I started the program in March and have run many 5K’s and the Soldier Field 10 Miler in Chicago (great progress in only 4 months!). Now my average run is at least 3 miles, no sweat!!
    I just started the Hal Higdon App this week (I’m hoping it’s worth the steep price) and am excited to run my first Half Marathon in the Quad Cities in September.
    Just a thanks to you guys for creating these Apps. It’s great for me because I like to compete with myself (and try to impress the little guy that lives inside of my phone). Carry on!

    • Kelli,

      Sounds like you had some great races. I hope you like the half marathon app as well. We are using it to train for our second half marathon in Chicago in August. Enjoy your Quad city run. Let us know how it went!

  17. I LOVE your apps! I love being able to program in my music and run/walk with the prompts. Completed the c25k, am beginning the bridge210K, and would LOVE to use the Hal Higdon 1/2 marathon trainer beginning in July for a 1/2 marathon scheduled in October. What do you think the chances are that you’ll have it available for droid by July??? It would be a *great* birthday treat. Seriously. I love your apps. Thank you for helping me to get motivated to get moving!!! I’ve recommended them to many people. I was seriously overweight and out of shape when I started. It’s great having something to keep me on target.

    • Hi Diane,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s so great to hear you love our apps! We are planning on releasing our Hal Higdon’s app on Android as well. However, at this point we can’t comment on when they will be available.

  18. I like how you outlined the weeks for the bridge to 10k app. Can you provide an outline so I can decide if I should do the bridge to 10k then 1/2M app or straight to the 1/2M app. I’m interested in also seeing how many days a week it has you running. Thanks!

    • Hi Teri,

      The 1/2 Marathon plan has three required runs plus one optional every week. The plan is twelve weeks long. This is a novice 1/2 marathon plan. If you can run 3 miles three times a week, then you should be able to do this plan. Best of luck with your training!

  19. I’ve just completed your Bridge to 10 K program. Should I start this program from the beginning or somewhere a way in?

  20. Will there be an android version of the 1/2 marathon training ?