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Reader Running Tips: Winners Announced!

Well the results are in and the winner of our reader-submitted running tip contest is Jim Williams, who will be receiving his choice of a new SPIbelt for his prize.  Here’s Jim’s tip:

After your run, post your successes (or failures) in your status update. Nothing beats the support from your family and friends.

We liked all the tips that were in the mix, but were happy to see that you guys liked this one so much since Jim is talking about something that we bake right into our apps — the ability to easily post your workout results to Facebook and Twitter.  Congrats, Jim!  We couldn’t agree with you more.  We’ll be sending you an e-mail to coordinate your prize.  Enjoy your new SPIbelt!

Runners up, lucky voters

Are you one of our runners up?  Start thinking about which Bluefin app you’d like for your prize.  We’ve also got a handful off free apps to give away to three of you just for voting.  The lucky voters are Debra Carl Freeman, Jessica, and kristynkg. (winners picked via  Congrats to all the winners.  We’ll be e-mailing you this week with prize details.

Thanks to everyone who submitted tips and voted!

Vote for your favorite reader running tip (plus one last chance to win!)

We asked for your best running tips and boy did our readers respond!  And after the admittedly (very) difficult task of reading through all the great responses to choose the best of the bunch, we’ve narrowed it down to the five listed above.

Now we’re looking to you, Bluefin readers, to tell us which one is your favorite — as a result the lucky submitter will earn a free SPIbelt.  To keep things interesting, we’re also going to dish some free iOS Bluefin apps out to voters selected at random.  To be eligible to win a free app, just drop a comment on this post after you vote  — a quick “I voted!” will do the trick.  That way we can be sure we have your e-mail information and can generate our random winners.

Thanks to everybody for submitting tips and for voting for your favorite.  You’re the best!

Share your running knowledge (and win!)

One of the coolest things we see being in the fitness business is what a great community of runners there is out there — athletes of all levels who are out doing the best with what they have and striving to be better.  We see it here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter, where people are super-eager to help out and share their experiences for the good of everybody. Continue Reading

Winners! (And a Sneak Peak at our next contest.)

To everyone who has subscribed to the blog, thank you and welcome!  You’ll get new posts sent right to your inbox (usually about three a week) and stay on top of the latest Bluefin news and events.  And for those of you who were looking for a little incentive beyond having lots of fun, practical running content lovingly delivered to your inbox: here are the five lucky subscribers who have just earned themselves a $10 iTunes card: Continue Reading

What other blogs do you read? (Or write!)

Lately we’ve been working hard to find new ways to reach more runners — and future runners! — through the blog.  (Be sure to subscribe for your chance at an iTunes gift card if you haven’t already.)

While we’re at it, we’re trying to get a better idea of what you guys are reading (aside from this, of course) and what you want to read more about when it comes to running, training, and fitness in general.  We’re also keeping an eye out for opportunities to reach out to other writers and help spread the word about Bluefin. Continue Reading

Subscribe and Win!

On Friday we let you know that there’s going to be some fun stuff happening here on the Bluefin blog, including dishing out plenty of prizes to our awesome readers. Now we’re ready to get the ball rolling with our first giveaway!

An email subscription is a great way to keep up with the blog, bringing new posts right to your inbox. At the end of the week, we’ll pick five blog subscribers at random to receive $10 iTunes cards. All you have to do to enter is subscribe via email.

To sign up and get your shot to win, just type your email address into the subscribe box on the right side of this page. You’ll be automatically entered with winners announced first thing next week.

Good luck and thanks for following the blog!

Stay tuned, win stuff

It’s an exciting time for Bluefin! We continue to be blown away by the fantastic things people are doing with our apps and amazed at how many of you are out there making things happen and working through training programs.

You’ve posted your progress on Facebook and Twitter, told your friends about the apps, and shared success stories that have inspired us all.  Our 2012 sponsored athletes are two fantastic individuals, but to be honest they are simply two awesome cases among many, many incredible examples. Continue Reading

Spring Fever Checklist: Upper Body Tuning

Before we know it, the Spring running season will be here and those of us who have been chased inside by the cold will venture back into real world training, all squinty and happy.  Our forward-looking Spring Fever Checklist series will give you some things to think about between now and then.  

We’re kicking off the Checklist with a post about Upper Body Training for two reasons: (1) the upper body is both important and often neglected as part of a runner’s form and (2) now is a great time to do something about it.

We’ve talked about it before.  Running with poor form makes you feel less comfortable, fatigue more quickly, and cover less ground.  Now obviously, your lower body is the business end of running, but there are also plenty of upper body pitfalls that can rob you of your speed for no good reason. Continue Reading

Heart Health roundup, new blog category

Well that’s it for Heart Health Awareness Month.  All through February we’ve been featuring heart-focused content ranging from heart health resources to heart-friendly training tips.

We wanted to close the month with a full roundup of everything we’ve covered.  Take a look at the links below for the titles and links for this month’s posts, all geared towards keeping heart-healthy while training heart-smart. Continue Reading

New Look for a New Year

This is certainly resolution season, especially for the fitness-minded out there.  Well one of our resolutions for this year was to give this blog a fresh look.

You guys have been amazing with your feedback here and on Facebook and Twitter.  We wanted to make some changes that would not only improve the look and feel of the blog, but also make it easier for you to weigh in on the topics you care about. Continue Reading