Running in Vibram’s Five Fingers (VFFs)

Rest, rest, and more rest, Advil and plenty of water helped me recover somewhat from my running workouts last week. My calves and right pinky toe were in pain after my initial workout last week, so much so, that I had to run slower and shorter distances. I took rest periods between days 2 and 3, but it didn’t help much. I also made sure that I frequently stretched as much as possible.

Alex insisted we run outside on day 3. Of course I couldn’t refuse. It was sunny and warm. We were planning to run on the downtown river walk during our lunch hour, and without having to push the kids in the jogger. What more could I ask for?

Turns out that if you are having pain with walking, then running outside would most likely be a bad idea too. I survived the first 1.5 miles before I had to walk, and even that was painful. I didn’t know what was worse, walk the rest of the way and take longer or jog. It really wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. Alex felt really bad for me and I of course felt bad for ruining his run. He decided to stay with me anyway 🙂

Day 4:

Madelyn was in preschool, Ella was with me at home, and again the weather, gorgeous. Alex had asked me to meet with him at the gym to go for a run. He didn’t want to attempt outside running again :). I thought to myself, why don’t I try outdoor running by myself with Ella in the jogger?  I went to the garage and put the jogger together. The weather had been so deceiving from the inside of the house. Yeah sure the sun was out, but I didn’t account for the wind. As I was running I felt as if I was taking 2 steps back with each stride.

Again I only ran 1.5 miles, but this time I noticed that my calves were not bothering me as much. I was getting excited. Was the pain in my toes and calves going away? Was I finally conditioning those unused muscles? It appears to be that way, because after the run I really didn’t have any lingering pain. I was able to walk up and down the stairs with mild discomfort. Yipee!

My next task is to attempt to run a longer distance and see how far I can go!

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