Running in the rain

A good, hard rain is one of those things that separates the runners from the wannabes.  Especially if the weather is warm, the threat of a soggy run doesn’t have to push you to the sidelines (or the treadmill).

If you can get out there and accomplish your workout despite the elements, you’ll be a more confident runner who is more adaptable to whatever conditions come your way.  You’ll also be much better prepared if you end up facing a rainy race day.  It does happen.

Here are some tips for staying safe and comfortable when running in the rain:

Dress for success.

Like so many things, preparation is everything.  Here’s how to prepare for your next rainy run:

Wear a hat.  Obviously you’re going to get wet, but wearing a good hat with a brim can help keep water from dripping down your face and bugging you while you’re running.

Layer (maybe).  Remember, if the weather is warm enough, there’s no harm in getting soaked to the bone.  Feel free to wear your shorts and a t-shirt and enjoy the refreshing spray.  On the other hand, as it gets chilly, you’ll need to layer up with a waterproof jacket or, as it gets even colder, one or more additional layers.

Protect your electronics.  You might be waterproof, but your electronics probably aren’t.  One of the great things about our Bluefin apps is that your audio notifications eliminate the need to have your device out at all.  Tuck it away into a waterproof pocket and let your headphones guide you through the workout.

Don’t chafe.  This is more of an issue for some people than others.  Even if you’ve never had an issue running when it’s dry, damp clothes might bring some irritation that can be less than enjoyable.  If you think you’re chafe-prone (or just don’t want to find out), take some preventative action by applying Vaseline or a comparable sports lubricant to sensitive areas.

Run safe.

As always, safety is the most important thing.  Make sure you’re taking a few extra precautions when running in the rain:

Watch out for slick surfaces.  Everybody knows that the ground can get slippery when it’s wet.  Just don’t underestimate how true this is.  Run carefully and be especially cautious when transitioning from one surface to another.  Even the lane markers painted on the road can be extremely slick compared to the rest of the pavement.

Be visible.  You might not notice as a runner, but as a driver, visibility in the rain quickly becomes an issue.  Stick to a route that doesn’t have you sharing the road with cars that might not see you and dress brightly to help drivers spot you through a rain-splattered windshield.

Pay attention.  Whenever conditions aren’t ideal, an extra dose of precaution is always a good idea.  Be safe and focus on what you’re doing.  That’s really the most important thing of all.

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