Spring Fever Checklist: “Here Comes Summer” Edition

Our Spring Fever Checklist series was all about getting the gear you need to kick off running season right. Well with the season now in full swing, most of us have the basics covered. Hopefully you’ve been getting out there and having some great runs, but as we all know, the real challenge is staying consistent and sticking with it.

Do you have a training plan? Nicer weather and cabin fever can make getting out for a run the easiest thing in the world. A month or so down the road, though, when breezy spring might turn into a hot and hazy summer, motivation can once again become more of an issue. Laying out a training plan now, when you’re feeling energized and excited, can help you ride that high through the summer months.

If you are a brand new runner but aren’t yet working towards a 5k or similar event, our Ease into 5k program can be the perfect thing to keep you on track. If you are already comfortable with a 5k (some of you cover that much ground every day), setting your sights on a longer distance can help you build fitness
and stay out of a training rut. Check out Bridge to 10K, for example, or an even longer distance with our full or half marathon programs.

Whatever program you choose, the idea is simply to lay out a plan now and let it carry you through the summer months. It’s amazing what having your workouts laid out ahead of you like that can do.

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