What’s your running mantra?

Let’s face it. Some runs pan out better than others.

When the going gets tough, finding a way to pull it together and mentally recenter can make the difference between a good workout and a lousy workout (or worse, an incomplete one).

The better you can prepare for the inevitable tough days, the more likely you’ll be to rise to the occasion.

The human brain is a powerful thing. Unfortunately, it’ll occasionally use that power for evil — or at least to interfere with our training. Often, as we begin to falter during a workout, our brains start to over-think things, looking for reasons to throw in the towel (“this isn’t going well, let’s start fresh in the morning”) or causing us to dwell on our discomfort (“ow, ow, ow, ow”).

You wouldn’t want to hear that kind of negativity from your running partner. Don’t let yourself get away with it either.

So, if you find that your mind is becoming your worst enemy, what can you do about it?

Short-circuit it.

Try a mantra — a word, a phrase, an idea — that let’s you cut through the noise and find your focus.

One step at a time.

Runners run.

Run like a champion.

Make it look easy.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what your mantra is.

The idea is that you have a go-to saying that you can repeat without thinking about it.  So instead of dwelling on how tired you are or worrying about how much time is left in a hard interval, you’re repeating your mantra.  You’re on autopilot.  You’re re-centered.

It can be under your breath or out loud or at the top of your lungs.  Whatever works for you.

It can be funny or corny or inspirational or all of the above.

Give it a try.  And if you have a favorite mantra, please share it with us!

One response to “What’s your running mantra?

  1. I couldnt agree more. Dont laugh, but my running mantra is reciting the prologue of Chaucers Canterbury Tales that my wonderful History of the English Language professor made me memorize back in the dayGood asvice!. Concentrating on the poem distracts me from getting tired or winded.

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