Walking for runners

This week, we are excited to introduce Power Walk, our first app for walkers.  While the app is designed for users that for one reason or another aren’t able to participate in a running program, the benefits of walking itself are universal.

Today we’re talking a little bit about how walking can benefit anyone, even a serious runner who might consider walking strictly a warm-up and cool-down activity.  Here are some situations where a runner might benefit from a good, solid, no-sweat walk.

It’s the middle of the day.  Maybe you’ve got a free lunch hour or a spare 15 minutes at work.  Or you’re spending the day at home and need a break from the usual buzzing around.  You might not have time to suit up, go running, come back, hit the showers, and get dressed…but that doesn’t mean that you can’t log a mile or two without getting sweaty.  Throw on some sneakers and head out for a quick stroll.  It’ll wake up your muscles, kick-start your metabolism, and generally improve your overall outlook.

You’re sore.  Ever feel sore on a rest day and then feel really sore the day after that (you know, the one where it’s time to run again)?  Walking can help stretch your muscles and flush out lactic acid, letting you recover more quickly.  If your soreness is such that you feel like even walking will be a challenge, it’s probably a sign that you really need to get out there anyway.  You should feel much better a few minutes in.

You’re sick.  Fresh air and exercise are both good for the immune system.  Too bad getting sick usually means you get a lot less of both.  If you aren’t feeling well enough to run, see if you can get out there and walk.  It’ll keep your body moving and help you burn some of that pent-up energy that you usually take care of running, meaning a better night’s sleep (and again, a faster recovery).

You’ve become a creature of habit.  Have trouble managing the schedule swings that come with three-day-a-week training?  Consider sneaking in a walking session on your rest days.  This will still let you follow the intent of your training program while giving you a daily activity that you can plan for and execute.

It’s family time.  If family time is competing with your desire to squeeze in a workout, consider taking them along for the ride.  Even if running together isn’t in the cards, a nice friendly walk can get everybody some exercise while still allowing time to socialize.

Not a runner?  Mile for mile, walking is still one of the very best activities you can do for your health.  Consider getting started with Power Walk, which in 12 weeks will have you powering through a brisk 60-minute walk like nobody’s business.

Happy running walking!

4 responses to “Walking for runners

  1. I don’t understand something about the power walk app. It seems the goals are set oddly. The faster I walk, the further away I get from the goal line on the chart. What am I missing?

    • Hi Chris,

      To help me understand what’s happening, could you please send a screenshot of the Graph to support@runhelper.com? You can take a screenshot of the Graph by pressing the top Sleep and bottom Home button at the same time while the Graph is displayed. The screenshot image will be placed in the Photos app where you can email it to us from.

  2. Jeannette Kennedy

    This is a great idea. I have been using your running app but I’m a terrible runner and it is a challenge for me. It is particularly a challenge on days when I’m operating on only a little sleep because of the baby. A guided walking program is invaluable to me. Thanks!

    • Jeannette,

      I am so happy to see that this new app is fitting into your lifestyle and is keeping you going. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year!

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