Heart Health roundup, new blog category

Well that’s it for Heart Health Awareness Month.  All through February we’ve been featuring heart-focused content ranging from heart health resources to heart-friendly training tips.

We wanted to close the month with a full roundup of everything we’ve covered.  Take a look at the links below for the titles and links for this month’s posts, all geared towards keeping heart-healthy while training heart-smart.

February is Heart Health Awareness Month

Stay (Heart) Healthy! Six Awesome Resources from the AHA

Looking out for your (sweet)heart

Ten things you can start doing for your heart right away

Make room for dark chocolate this V-Day

Stress and your heart

Do you know the signs of a heart attack?

Heart Rate: Know your training zone

Finding your target heart rate

Four ways to train with heart rate

Heart Health: So what’s the deal with cholesterol, anyway?

In the future, you can always link back to all of these posts by opening up the new Heart Health blog category.  Of couse we don’t want to pretend that February is the only time of the year you should be thinking about your heart, so we’ll be sure to drop Heart Health posts into the rotation from time to time throughout the year.

Also, as we’ve said a number of times, the American Heart Association is a fantastic resource, with tons of great information available over at heart.org.

Thanks for following along for February’s Heart Health Month.  Stay heart healthy everyone — all year long!

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