Success Stories: Mark Rucker

At Bluefin, nothing makes us happier than hearing from folks who have had success with our programs.  Our users have accomplished some amazing stuff and we’re always honored and humbled any time we hear that one of our apps had played a part in helping someone get healthy or take their running to the next level.

Mark Rucker is a guy who stands out even among our most remarkable success stories, starting out at a clearly unhealthy 365 pounds and turning his life around on his way to competing his first 5k in seventeen years.

Last year, Mark shared his story with us here on the blog, serving as an inspiration to many and proving just how much a person can accomplish with enough dedication and the right support.  His post is well worth a read.

Recently, Mark’s story has been picked up more broadly, seeing national media attention and inspiring countless others who read about his road back to fitness.  Check out CNN’s coverage of Mark’s success and read his HuffPost Healthy Living profile for more specifics.

Congratulations Mark, for all you’ve achieved and some great recognition in the news!

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